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List of Constants non_wearing_min_threshold_epochs Number of consecutive epochs with activity counts of 0 that constitute a non_wearing period. min_wearing_hours_per_day Minimum number of hours in a day an individual must wear an accelerometer for the day to be considered complete. min_gps_obs_within_bout Minimum number of GPS observations within a bout for that bout to be considered to have complete GPS data. min_gps_coverage_ratio Minimum ratio of data points with versus without GPS data for the bout to be considered to have complete GPS data. dwellbout_radii_quantile Threshold for outliering GPS data points - any data points above the 95th percentile are outliered. max_dwellbout_radii_ft Maximum radius, in feet, of a bounding circle that would be considered a dwell bout (rather than a potential walk bout). min_dwellbout_obs Minimum number of observations to consider something a potential dwell bout. max_walking_cpe Maxiumum CPE value before the accelerometer is considered to be picking up on an activity other than walking. min_walking_speed_km_h Minimum speed considered walking. max_walking_speed_km_h Maximum speed considered walking.




An object of class list of length 10.